20 December 2013

Top 10 Most Future-Forward Ideas Of 2013

In the second part of our ‘Year In Review’ series, we highlight 10 of the most future-forward ideas from 2013. From a dog-operated washing machine to a stick-on noise-canceling window system, these are some brilliant ideas that we feel are way ahead of time.

Top 10 Most Future-Forward Ideas Of 2013

10. World’s First Dog-Operated Washing Machine

Besides asking ‘fido’ to fetch, you can now train your dog to do the laundry, thanks to the world’s first dog-operated washing machine. Created by UK laundry company, JTM Service, the washing machine was created to make the lives of people with disabilities easier. With a simple bark command, the washing machine will to wash your clothes.

9. Charge Your Phone With Your Cold Beer Or Hot Coffee

Don’t let your hot morning coffee or cold beer at night go just to your stomach. Instead of JUST drinking it, why not let it charge your phone? With the Epiphany OnE puck coaster, it not only protects your table from cup rims, but it also charges your phone with the help of a cold or hot beverage. Using a Stirling engine, the coaster harnesses power from heat disparities, converting it into cellphone battery life. Neat huh?

8. Caffeinated Toothbrush, Releases Caffeine As You Brush Your Teeth

For those of you in a morning rush, this caffeinated toothbrush by oral hygiene company Colgate might save you some time. Fitted with a “built-in caffeine patch”, the toothbrush will release the chemical as your brush your pearly whites. Besides caffeinated patches, the company also plans to release aspirin and appetite suppressant patches on toothbrushes, which will be useful if you happen to get stuck in morning traffic.

7. Virtual Reality Treadmill Lets Your Explore Your Favorite Video Games On Foot

Ever wanted to explore the vast world of Skyrim or dash across a battlefield in a Call of Duty game? If ‘yes’ is your answer, than you’ll be excited to know that a virtual reality treadmill is currently in the works. Called the ‘Omni’, it is an “omnidirectional” treadmill that literally lets users walk through the virtual worlds of their favorite video games. Working together with Occulus Rift VR googles, it allows users to immerse themselves into the virtual world. The future of video games? We think so.

6. A Billboard That Produces Drinkable Water From Air

Created by agency Mayo DraftFCB, this is the first billboard that produces drinkable water from air. Using ‘reverse-osmosis’, the billboard’s generators captures the humidity in the air and turns it into purified drinking water. Sustainable and eco-friendly, this billboard is especially useful in areas that lack clean drinking water.

5. A Spoon That Reduces Hand Tremors, Helps Parkinson’s Patients Eat Without Spilling

The ‘Liftware’ is a battery-operated spoon by Lift Labs that helps cancel hand tremors when eating caused by old age and Parkinson’s disease. Fitted with sensors, accelerometers and a microprocessor, it is able to detect hand tremors and respond to the user’s shaking by going in the opposite direction of the tremor. With this spoon, Parkinson’s patients will have an easier time feeding themselves without feeling embarrassed at the dinner table.

4. ‘Self-Healing’ Coating Helps Eliminate Accidental Scratches On Phones

As seen on LG’s Flex Smartphone, this “self-healing” coating is able to recover from accidental scratches on its own. Practical and certainly useful, we wonder if this technology can also be applied to automobiles and jewelry.

3. Become Invisible To Mosquitoes With This Small Patch

This tiny cloth patch has the ability to make us humans invisible to mosquitoes, and will be particularly useful for any globetrotter. Called ‘The Kite’, it uses a “non-toxic solution” that blocks the mosquitoes’ ability to detect humans. The effects of the patch will make you ‘invisible’ to mosquitoes for up to 48 hours.

2. Sono: A Stick-On Window Device That Blocks And Filters Noise Pollution

Take that afternoon nap—that you so rightfully deserve—in peace with this handy device called ‘Sono’. Created by Austrian industrial designer Rudolf Stefanich, it is capable of filtering and blocking outside noise from entering your room. By simply sticking it on a window, it transform into an “active noise canceling system”, allowing you to choose the sounds that you would like to hear.

1. 3D-Printed Stuff: Pizza, Clothes, Cameras, Guns, And More

In 2013, we saw the rise of the 3D-printer. From clothes and food to guns and body parts, we are definitely excited to see what other objects can be made from 3D-printers. Who knows, perhaps one day we can 3D-print all our needs, and will no longer require to shop for produce and clothes.