3 March 2015

A Closer Look At Southwest Airlines New Fun And Energetic Branding Identity

We featured the refreshing new brand identity of Southwest Airlines last year.

Underconsideration was recently furnished with more images of the airline’s rebranding, which allow us a deeper look at its new branding materials.

Monotype Studio was in charged of designing a proprietary sans serif, known as the ‘Southwest Sans’ typeface—together with Lippincott, they launched a collection called the ‘Brands with Heart’, featuring a “palette of typefaces selected for their distinct personalities and idiosyncratic tendencies as well as their ability to convey the humanistic elements of a brand’s personality”.

The brand materials and snack packaging were designed in the airline's signature colors, and feature the fun and vibrant new heart-shaped logo.

Head over here to read more about the Southwest Airlines’ new identity.

[via Underconsideration]