31 March 2015

Watch: How To Make Perfect Sushi In Five Steps

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If you can’t travel to Japan for the world’s greatest sushi in Sukiyabashi Jiro from Jiro Dreams of Sushi, the closest to tasting it is to score a reservation at the Sushi Nakazawa, which would put you on a long waiting list.

For those who can’t wait that long, Master Sushi Chef Diasuke Nakazawa—of Sushi Nakazawa—is the protégé of Master Jiro Ono, and he has showed Olivia Sterns of Bloomberg how to recreate his sushi in five simple steps.

The instructions include slicing the fish, technique to shape the vinegared rice with his thumb, and garnishing the nigiri.

Click play on the video to learn how to make a perfect sushi roll.

[via NextShark, images via video screenshot]