31 March 2015

Amsterdam Food Truck Serves Geese, Pigeons And Other Unwanted Meat

At this food truck in Amsterdam, you can dine on meat that usually goes to waste.

The food truck started by artists Rob Hagenouw and Nicolle Schatborn, named the Kitchen of the Unwanted Animal, serves horses, geese, pigeons and other animals that would otherwise go to the landfill because people don't really think of them as food.

For instance, the geese come from the city's airport after the increasing geese population started interfering with air traffic. The food truck serves these as croquettes, pate and smoked brisket. They also serve muskrats from the canals and rabbits that come from local train tracks.

The dishes have whimsical names like ‘My Little Pony Burger’, the ‘Bambi Ball’ and ‘Peace Pigeon’, and although some people are squeamish about the menu, the chefs love to discuss the meat they cook and how people should reconsider their mindset about their food.

The food truck has become so popular that its creators are having problems with the limited supply of their produce, but they stick to the essence of their enterprise, serving the unwanted animals that are killed as pests. Read more here.

[via Fast Company]