30 March 2015

Photoshop Tips: How To Carry Out ‘Cinematic Color Grading’ On Your Photos

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At the start of this year, you might have watched this fascinating short on a movie before and after it has gone through post-processing.

Now you can apply those Hollywood cinematic effects on your photos with the following video by web developer and Photoshop trainer Jesús Ramirez.

Titled ‘Cinematic Color Grading’, produced as part of the tutorials found on Photoshop Training Channel, the online guide takes you through the differences between color correction and color grading, how to effectively use colors to make your images pop and how to use the ‘Curves’ tool to produce the movie look on your photos.

The description stated: “The cinematic effect that we’re going for is the teal-orange look, which is a typical movie effect in action movies.

“This effect gives the dark shades of your image a cool teal tone, while the light shades take a warm orange look. This makes the actor stand out since the colors are complementary and creates a ‘pop’ when put side by side.”

Watch the video below:

[via PetaPixel, images via Photoshop Training Channel]