31 March 2015

The Chic, Minimalist Logo, Branding Identity Of A Scandinavian Food Truck

Swiss design student Alexandre Pietra has created a simple but striking logo for ‘The Nordic’, a Scandinavian food truck, as part of a very clean and chic branding identity.

Using just black, white and kraft paper brown, this visually pleasing design is influenced directly by the minimalist Nordic aesthetic—the pared down look is also a reflection of the food truck’s menu, which consists of just “salty and sweet smørrebrøds (open sandwiches)”.

An interesting aspect of this visual identity is how the logo has been blown up and presented in an abstract, deconstructed manner across the various promotional and packaging materials—for instance, the business card, menu and napkin are printed with a different part of the logo, but all retain the same stark, geometric style.

View more images of the branding identity for The Nordic food truck here.

[via We And The Color, images via Alexandre Pietra]