31 March 2015

A Stylish Geometric ‘Cave’ For Your Pet To Cozy Up In

Pup & Kit, a Toronto-based “modern pet furniture company”, has created a stylish “pet cave” that is “the perfect space for a cat or small dog”.

The geometric shape of the ‘Missy Cave’ makes it a good-looking piece of functional decor—it is designed to double as a useful side table to hold books, mugs and other small items that you would like to have near you.

Made of wood veneered plywood, it is available in walnut, oak and maple—you can choose to line it with a polyfiber-filled cushion made of either “Sunbrella® fabric or a modern canvas print”.

Priced at US$899, you can purchase the Missy Cave here.

[via Fubiz, images via Pup & Kit]