30 March 2015

Poignant Ads Urge You To Give Unwanted Gifts To Someone Who Appreciates Them

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Most of us would be familiar with receiving a present we don’t want and end up chucking it into our closet or cupboard, where it will lie forgotten and gather dust over time.

New York-based agency Wing has turned that all-too-common scenario into a trio of unexpectedly poignant ads for PickUpMyDonation.com, that urge viewers to pass their unwanted gifts to someone who needs them more.

In the ads, an exercise video, a trivia game set, and a novel speak sadly about being abandoned, not unlike a forgotten friend or rejected lover.

While you might feel a tinge of guilt while watching them, the message is clear: “If it doesn’t make you happy, let it make someone else happy.”

Check out the touching spots below.

[via Ads of the World, videos via PickUpMyDonation.com]