31 March 2015

For Designers: Adobe’s New App Will Make Your Desktop Almost Obsolete

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Adobe has just released a ‘killer’ app that will render your desktop almost obsolete.

This app first made its appearance in last year’s Adobe Max, when designer Khoi Vinh unveiled his concept, called ‘Project LayUp’.

Renamed as ‘Adobe Comp CC’, individuals can use the app to create layouts for print, web and mobile while on the go, using an iPad.

Adobe Comp CC is described as such: “Place images, headlines, text frames, and shapes with a few swipes of your finger. This lightweight composition app lets you quickly wireframe ideas for print, web, and mobile using actual assets. Finish developing your project in any of our three most popular desktop programs: Adobe InDesign CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, or Adobe Illustrator CC.”

The tool is also the first mobile app armed with a full Typekit catalog, where users can select and use high-quality fonts.

Designers will also be happy to know that an update called the ‘360-Degree Workflow’ is underway, in which users can seamlessly transfer a media from app to app, ensuring that the right tool is used.

This is made possible through a newly developed file type called the ‘Compound Document Format’—a universal language shared by Adobe’s desktop and mobile apps.

With the Compound Document Format, files in Adobe Comp CC can be exported as a vector file to Photoshop or Illustrator on desktop, with 1:1 pixel accuracy and intact layers.

The Adobe Comp CC is available for download here.

Watch the demo video below and find out more about Adobe Comp CC here.

[via Fast Company, images via Adobe Comp CC]