31 March 2015

Inspiring Ad Urges You To Invest In The Homeless Instead Of Donating To Them

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Yesterday, we brought you this heartbreaking ad featuring real homeless people reading mean Tweets about themselves.

Today brings a more uplifting spot by Los Angeles-based non-profit organization Weingart that urges you to invest in the homeless instead of donating to them.

In the ad, a businessman introduces a “unique investment opportunity” in the form of a homeless man named Will. As the investors at the table struggle to comprehend this, he goes on to explain how placing the homeless in jobs leads to decreased welfare expenditure, lower crime rates and reliance on food stamps, while generating support and money for the community and local businesses.

The businessman also reveals that he was once a homeless heroin addict, but thanks to the Weingart program, he is now married with an adopted son, a proud homeowner, and an employer to five workers.

The inspiring ad was created by Culver City, Los Angeles-based agency Pitch—an actor played the role of the homeless man to protect his identity, but the investors featured are all real.

Watch it below, and find out how you can do your part to lift a homeless person from the streets at the Weingart website.

[via Ads of the World, video via weingartcenter1]