30 March 2015

App Schedules Messages 25 Years In Advance, Turns Your Phone Into A Time Capsule

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This app is designed for the forgetful, the foresighted and the future-oriented. The app is called ‘Incubate’ and it describes itself as a time delay messenger, scheduling text, image, video and voice messages up to 25 years in advance.

In the short term, the app is useful to schedule notes for a future date, to spontaneously remind friends of some important moments or to maintain contact with others during extended periods of absence like military tours.

When viewed for the long term, it provides opportunities for older or terminally ill users to maintain a presence within a community or to comfort their loved ones. The app has a ‘Nursery’ feature, which sends messages to an email account for future generations to access.

‘Incubate’ currently only sends messages to users who are using the platform. Watch their hilarious promo video below and visit their website for more information.

[via PSFK, images via Incubate]