30 March 2015

‘Dear Design Student’, An Advice Column Offering Guidance To Young Designers

Created by designers Mike Monteiro, Jennifer Daniel, Mike Essl and Erika Hall, ‘Dear Design Student’ is a fledging design-centric advice column on Medium aimed at young, aspiring designers.

Described as “advice on design from people who work for a living”, it takes the format of a Q&A session, with the quartet answering burning questions from anonymous readers.

Most of the questions revolve around current pressing issues facing designers, such as whether unpaid internships are necessary, and how to deal with bosses who think they’re designers.

Though the advice is targeted at design students and those who are just starting out in their careers, we think seasoned veterans can also benefit from the honest and invaluable gems of wisdom.

Check out the advice column and submit a question here.

[via Quipsologies and Jessica Hische, images via Dear Design Student]