31 March 2015

World's First Wearable Tomato Feeder Created For Runners

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When Japanese ketchup manufacturer Kagome wanted to communicate to the runners of the Tokyo Marathon about the wonderful nutrition benefits of the tomato, they needed a game-changing idea that would shake up the mid-run fuel snack industry.

That led them to create the Wearable Tomato Project, a wearable contraption that also feeds you tomatoes as you run. It is the world’s first wearable device that can feed whole tomatoes to athletes as they work out.

Taking the idea of a hydration pack that runners sometimes wear, this device uses a similar approach that allows a runner to strap on a contraption over their head, and an automated lever moves to dispense tomatoes to the mouth of the runner.

Tomatoes have been identified as a beneficial mid-run fuel, with amino and citric acids that converts glucose into energy and reduces inflammation.

Through this initiative, Kagome hopes for the tomato to gain the status of the banana, the default preferred post-run snack.

The Wearable Tomato Project created in conjunction with the 2015 Tokyo Marathon, where the world’s first edible wearable banana also debuted.

Watch a funny depiction of how Wearable Tomato Project came to be below:

[via Competitor.com]