31 March 2015

A Vibrant Typeface Inspired By The Fluid Movements Of Yoga

Based in Pistoia, Italy, illustrator and typographer Jonathan Calugi has designed a playful, vibrant typeface that is inspired by the fluid movements of yoga.

Aptly named the ‘Yoga Type’, the letters of this typeface is made up of intertwining arms and legs—colorful dots are arranged around the letters, making them look like the contorted bodies of people practicing yoga.

Calugi has created the Yoga Type for the Dubai Expo 2020—in addition to the typeface, he has also created bright, eye-catching illustrations of people who seem to be drawn with a single line, to show that “we are all connected in this world”.

Check out more images of the Yoga Type and the related drawings here.

[via Fubiz, images via Joanathan Calugi]