30 March 2015

LOL: Dramatic Reactions Of People Trying ‘Nutella’ For The First Time

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“I don’t even know what it is, it’s magic!”

You don’t know what you’re missing out on if you have never tried the popular Nutella spread.

BuzzFeed got a group of people to try Nutella for the first time, and their responses would make you run to the nearest store to get a jar immediately.

While some were only convinced that the hazelnut chocolate spread was awesome after having it with frozen bananas, and a grilled marshmallow sandwich, the majority of them became a Nutella convert after the first spoonful.

Click play on the video below to watch their reactions to Nutella.

“I don’t like peanut butter, but this is like peanut butter’s hot sister that I want to date.”

“I like it a lot, I’m scared of that now.”

“Mmm..alright, you got me.”

“You can say “hey come over, here’s like a s**t bowl that I put together for you.””

“You’re throwing your waistlines to the wind.”

[via BuzzFeed, images via video screenshot]