31 March 2015

Creative Mom Draws Famous Cats, Sons’ Favorite Robots On Lunch Napkins

R2-D2 and Limecat

Brooklyn-based artist and creative mom Nina Levy, previously featured for her superheroes and pop culture characters drawings on her sons’ lunch napkins, is back with an awesome new series.

Using watercolor paints, her latest drawings feature her sons’ favorite robots from movies, television shows and video games, together with famous cats that are trending on the internet.

She started by illustrating Baymax from Big Hero 6 cuddling Grumpy Cat in his arms, and has since expended her collection to 13 other cat and robot-themed drawings.

Hop on over here to see more of her works.

Baymax and Grumpy Cat

Five Nights at Freddy’s Automata with Wet Cat

Cyberman from Doctor Who with Breaded Cat

Ultron and Happy Cat

Echo and Snoopybabe

[via BoredPanda, Nina Levy]