30 March 2015

Colorful, Voyeuristic Photos Of People Soaking In Bathtubs (NSFW)

‘Suds and Smiles’ is an ongoing photo series by photographer Samantha Fortenberry, in which she captures colorful images of naked people soaking in bathtubs.

Captured from above, her photos offer viewers a voyeuristic look at the personalities of her subjects as they bathe and surround themselves with some of their favorite items.

“I have taken my models and either asked them to collect an array of items that mean something to them, or I designed them a set based on an idea of their choosing,” she told Beautiful Decay.

She also wants to display the nude human body in “a natural and beautiful way”. She added, “I wanted to collect a wide variety of people in all shapes and sizes to display the various form of beauty each person has.”

Check out some of her photos below, or visit her website to view more of her works.

[via Beautiful Decay, images via Samantha Fortenberry]