27 March 2015

A Zombie-Themed Video Game Designed To Get Desk Workers To Exercise

Here is a fun way to get desk workers off their butts. This new game pits office workers against zombie crowds and one other.

Taking into consideration the addictive power of games, Mike Tinney founder of Fitness Interactive Experience, or FIX for short,

has come up with his first game called ‘Step Ahead: Zombies’, which divides the office into teams and they race against each other to get to a safe house to escape from a zombie outbreak.

Real life activity determines your pace in the game, and if you don't make it to the house in time, you get eaten and join the zombie team. Since ‘Step Ahead: Zombies’ is available on your phone, tablet and desktop, users can check in with ease and participate. The team's average is taken so an active member has incentive to get a sloppy colleague to work harder.

Other than improving the health of employees, the game also allows for more interaction between colleagues, which further improves corporate wellness. FIX has plans to create an alien-themed game soon. Read more here.

[via Fast Company, images via FIX]