4 March 2015

Artist Creatively Imagines Superheroes In Their Old Age

To comment on the topic of aging, French artist Gilles Barbier has depicted pop culture icons in their old age.

The Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois booth at The Armory Show this year in New York City showcases an aging Thing from Marvel's Fantastic Four.

Titled “A very old Thing”, the rocky orange skin of the humanoid is overrun by mosses and plants and he slouches in an old armchair. Other superheroes that join him in The Nursing Home include a comatose Catwoman, an overstretched Mr. Fantastic and a disabled Superman.

Scroll down to appreciate the work of “A very old Thing” and head over here for more details about the exhibition.

The Nursing Home

[via The Creators Project, Images via My Modern Met]