26 March 2015

Beautiful Origami Animals Placed In Whimsical Scenes Made With Everyday Items

Norwegian artist Wenche Lise Fossland has created a series of beautiful origami animals in whimsical scenes made from everyday objects.

Wenche Lise first started making origami when she was inspired by an origami lamp she saw in France, two years ago on a family holiday—she told Instagram, “It is fascinating that there is almost no limit to the shapes you can turn a flat paper into.”

Her origami interest grew into a passion, and she has since been folding and searching the internet for online tutorials to help her grow her collection.

Her origami animals can be seen in all sorts of unexpected scenes—for instance, a tree made from vegetables found in the grocery store, and a fennel reimagined as an exotic island.

Follow her on her Instagram account to see more of her works.

[via Demilked, Wenche Lise Fossland]