1 March 2015

Brands React To Viral Dress With Witty Spoofs On Twitter

Image via LEGO

Last week, the internet was all ablaze as online commentators debated fiercely over the color of this dress.

While opinions were divided on it being blue and black or white and gold, the incident got the attention of brands, who decided to serve up some witty spoofs on Twitter.

Check out a selection of Tweets below and view more over at Adweek.

Fashionably late? #TheDress http://ift.tt/1ExC9MY

— Oreo Cookie (@Oreo) February 27, 2015

Image via Oreo Cookie

So do you think this is #whiteandgold too? http://ift.tt/183Ks6c

— Xbox (@Xbox) February 27, 2015

Image via Xbox

For those seeing #WhiteandGold in #TheDress (http://t.co/pNG9tXu5pU), @HopeTaylorPhoto ends the debate. http://ift.tt/1Bjzrtn

— Adobe (@Adobe) February 27, 2015

Image via Adobe

Doesn't matter if it’s blue/black or white/gold, they still taste delicious. #thedress http://ift.tt/1ARokpR

— Dunkin' Donuts (@DunkinDonuts) February 27, 2015

Image via Dunkin’ Donuts

*stops furiously scribbling amidst dozens of coffee cups*

there is no dress. it is not the dress that changes colors, it is only yourself.

— Denny's (@DennysDiner) February 27, 2015

Image via Denny’s

We promise, we aren't messing with you. This dress is blue and black. #TheDress #Blueandblack #WhiteandGold http://ift.tt/18s5a0y

— JCPenney (@jcpenney) February 27, 2015

Image via JCPenney

It's white and gold. http://ift.tt/1BkduKJ

— Pizza Hut (@pizzahut) February 27, 2015

Image via Pizza Hut

[via Adweek, images via various Twitter users]