5 March 2015

Captivating Portraits Of Young Women Wearing Their Mothers’ Wedding Dresses

French photographer Céline Bodin’s series ‘The Line’ features captivating photographs of young women dressed in their mothers’ wedding dresses.

Her subjects comprised models she had worked with in the past, as well as daughters of her family and friends.

Clad in gorgeous, all-white creations, the resulting portraits give off a dreamy, ethereal feel.

By wearing their mothers’ wedding dresses, the women were forced to confront and imagine a version of their mothers they were not familiar with.

Putting on the gown also caused them to feel a certain guilt, as they were defying the unspoken rule that a wedding dress should only be worn once.

According to Bodin, the girls assumed a humbled pose upon donning the dresses, as if the material required a dignified and delicate demeanor.

To the photographer, the portraits symbolize both mother and daughter and foreshadow the young women’s future roles as brides.

Scroll down to view more images from her series.

[via Feature Shoot, images via Céline Bodin]