25 March 2015

Delightful Chocolate Treats That Are Designed To Ease PMS Symptoms

Introducing ‘PMS Bites’, tiny balls of treats created by Tania Green, which would help ease the unpleasant effects of premenstrual symptoms (PMS).

The treats taste like a combination of “a chocolate classic truffle and brownie batter”, and is only 60 calories each, allowing you to indulge without feeling guilty.

It is vegan, all-natural, raw, and gluten-free, made from main ingredients like gluten-free oats, cocoa powders and a concoction of herbs that would help relief PMS symptoms—including dandelion root for bloating, chamomile to reduce stress, and Siberian ginseng to reduce irritability.

Consumers will get to choose from a variety of flavors like ‘plain crazy’, ‘coco-nutty’, and ‘all kinds of nuts’, wittily named after the emotions that women go through during their period.

Head over here to find out more about these PMS Bites.

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