24 March 2015

Dole Unveils The World's First 'Edible Wearable' Banana At The Tokyo Marathon

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Following the success of the printed banana trophy created by Dentsu Y&R Tokyo for the 2014 Tokyo Marathon, the agency has created something to up the innovatation game in the 2015 marathon: the wearable banana.

For their client, Dole, producer and marketer of fresh fruit and vegetables, Dentsu Y&R Tokyo have created something they term as the world’s first ‘wearable edible’.

Created for marathoners, it can measure the runner’s heart rate, their lap time, and then display the figures on the banana.

Friends and family of the marathoner can also show their support for them through social media, and it will be conveyed in real-time on the banana peel.

And of course, you can also eat the banana post-race, giving you the energy and fuel you need for recovery from your run. Truly brilliant.

Watch how it works below:

[via CNET]