16 March 2015

Fascinating Film Shows The Graphic Design World In The Time Before Computers

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Graphic designers of the digital age barely ponder about what designers of the past would do since we just execute an action with the click of a mouse on software like Adobe Indesign. Can you imagine using glue and paper to copy and paste a photo?

Assistant professor of Graphic Design at Portland State University Briar Levit has decided to create a film that brings to light the difficulties faced by graphic designers who had to work without the help of computers.

Documenting the tools and processes used, as well as the people involved, Levit sets out with the hope of sharing the pride that comes with a greater understanding of the discipline, history and development of graphic design. Titled Graphic Means, the film features interviews with Pat Castaldo, Cece Cutsforth and Joe Ecerg with footage of old design methods.

Watch the trailer for the film below, and visit their Kickstarter Project to find out more.

Graphic Means Kickstarter Trailer from Briar Levit on Vimeo.

[via It's Nice That]