9 March 2015

For International Women’s Day, Ads Go Women-Free To Promote Gender Equality

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To mark International Women’s Day on Sunday, the Clinton Foundation launched the ‘Not There’ campaign featuring ads and magazine covers without any women.

For a day, companies and media publications like Dove and Condé Nast erased the women from their ads, and replaced them with a link to the campaign’s website to promote gender equality.

A 90-second video released on Sunday featuring the voices of female celebrities like Amy Poehler and Jenny Slate, explains the movement and directs viewers to the website.

The campaign, created by agency Droga5, is part of the Clinton Foundation’s ‘No Ceilings’ initiative which seeks to improve women’s rights and equality.

A report on women’s rights over the past 20 years is scheduled to be presented today at the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women.

“We are taking a collective stand that full participation for women and girls anywhere and everywhere remains the unfinished business of the 21st century. By knowing the facts and what has worked and hasn’t worked to advance gender equality, we can accelerate the pace of change for women and girls-both at home and around the world,” said Clinton Foundation Vice Chair Chelsea Clinton.

Watch the video below and view some ads after.

[via Ad Age and BuzzFeed, Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, images via NOt There]