3 March 2015

Gorgeous Examples, Useful Tips To Help You Ace Minimalist Design

Image via Frame

Minimalism is a design trend that seems like it would be sticking around for a while, so why not find ways to make the best of it?

Canva Design School has recently published an article that teaches you just how to do that—to help you ace minimalist design, writer Mary Stribley has listed down 25 practical tips, each accompanied by a beautiful example.

From “get on the grid” to “make your type visual”, these tips would hopefully allow you to create clean, simple but outstanding designs that are effective and look great.

Read the entire article here—do you have any minimalist design tip of your own to share?

Image via Trevor Finnegan

Image via Jake Frey

Image via DOMO

Image via Moruba

[via Canva Design School]