7 March 2015

Handmade Beer Glass Crafted As A Visual Representation Of Japan's Mount Fuji

Japanese designer Keita Suzuki designed the ‘Fujiyama Glass’ back in 2008 for Sugahara Crafts Glass Co., Ltd.

Since then, the Fujiyama Glass has been picking up numerous design awards internationally and locally, and is most recently slated to be presented at the 9th Saint-Etienne International Design Biennale 2015 in France.

In English, the ‘Fujiyama Glass’ simply translates to ‘Mount Fuji Glass’. Designed for drinking beer, every pouring of beer into this glass presents a visual representation of Japan’s Mount Fuji.

It is priced at ¥3,776 (approximately USD$602 at time of writing), which is the altitude of Mount Fuji.

Each glass is produced by fine Japanese craftsmen of the "Sugawara Crafts Glass Co.", and are designed to endure for a very long time.

Keita Suzuki was also previously featured on our site for his giant tear drop chair.

[via Product Design Center, images via Kenta Hasegawa, Sugahara Glass co, Ltd]