4 March 2015

Handy Device Predicts Bowel Movements 10 Minutes Before You'll Need The Toilet

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California-based Japanese startup Triple W has created a device called the ‘D Free’, which will notify you of your bowel movements.

Specially designed for people who suffer from incontinence or caregivers, the device would send them an alert 10 minutes before they would need to find a toilet.

The device is attached to the stomach and connected to an app on the smartphone, the sensors in the device would then be able to pick up any swelling in the intestines, and track your bowel movements throughout the day to provide better notifications in the future.

According to RocketNews 24, the company is planning to bring the device to crowd funding websites this May 2015, and is hoping to ship the first batch by the end of the year.

Watch the video below to find out how the device works.

[via RocketNews 24, images via video screenshot]