18 March 2015

Hilarious Images Of A Weirdly-Positioned Cat Photoshopped Into Awesome Scenes

Image via Rise-Kujikawa

Created by the imaginative minds over at the Reddit Photoshop Battles (PSBattle) thread, the following hilarious images show a weirdly-positioned cat Photoshopped into awesome scenes.

Redditor Rise-Kujikawa had posted the photograph of the cat, which looks as though it is squatting, and soon enough images of it riding a skateboard and sitting alongside ninjas appeared.

Scroll down for some mid-week laughs and check out the thread here.

Image via SAFE4WORKS

Image via DarthLlama1

Image via johnnyderp87

Image via MamasMilkFactory

GIF via totalitarian_jesus

[via My Modern Met, GIF and images via various Reddit users]