2 March 2015

Impressive Fan Artworks In Tribute To Leonard Nimoy

Image via Steph Lew Art

Last week, on 27 February 2015, actor Leonard Nimoy—known for his famous role of Spock, a beloved character in the Star Trek series—passed away at the age of 83.

Fans of all ages are saddened by the news, and many of them have created touchingly beautiful artworks in tribute to the veteran entertainer. While almost all of them have chosen to depict him in his role as Spock, some have used symbolism—for instance, a beam of light—to honor his life and work.

French website Golem 13 has brought together a collection of these impressive artworks—you can view some of our favorites below, or head over here to view the rest.

Image via Carlos Lerma

Image via Satoboy

Image via YAMG

Image via I’m A Stormtrooper

Image via The Simpsons

[via Golem 13]