27 March 2015

Innovative Coffee Capsules That Dissolve Completely, Leaving No Packaging Waste

Coffee machines that use individually packed capsules are criticized for the large amount of packaging waste they produce—in respond to this problem, Singapore-based industrial designer Eason Chow has created a concept for the ‘Droops Coffee Maker’.

Simple and stylish, this machine uses special capsules that dissolve completely into the coffee—this means that “ the packaging will be part of the coffee upon consumption”, and there would be no packaging waste at all.

The outer shells of the capsules are sugar-coated, and coffee drinkers can adjust the sugar content of their beverages by choosing shells of varying thickness—thinner shells would contain less sugar, while thicker ones will be sweeter.

Users of the Droops Coffee Maker can also enjoy a range of different coffee flavors as the capsules are versatile enough to hold many types of coffee.

Head over here to find out more about this innovative coffee maker—would you like to have one of these at home?

[via Yanko Design, images via Eason Chow]