24 March 2015

Installation Art Sees A Bus Precariously Hanging Off The Edge Of A Building

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Renowned British artist and sculptor Richard Wilson has brought his art installation titled "Hang On A Minute Lads... I’ve Got A Great Idea" to The Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong.

This piece features a full-sized, six-tonne replica of a vintage Harrington Legionnaire coach (as inspired by the 1969 British heist movie, The Italian Job) precariously hanging off the edge of The Peninsula's seventh floor Sun Terrace.

If that wasn’t scary enough, the replica coach is also fitted with hydraulic equipment programmed to gently rock the coach up to 12 degrees at random intervals, giving passersby the heart-dropping feeling that the coach could fall on them at any time.

The sculpture overlooks the main entrance of The Peninsula Hotel. It has been described as “a spectacle teetering on the edge of being and not being, and between stability and collapse".

The installation was set up in line with Hong Kong’s third Art Basel and will be on view until 8 April 2015 at The Peninsula Hong Kong.

Watch an introduction of the artwork from The Peninsula below:

[via urdesign]