13 March 2015

Kids Read Mean Tweets About Themselves In Anti-Cyberbullying Ad

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Inspired by the popular segment ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’ from Jimmy Kimmel Live!, non-profit organization Canadian Safe School Network and advertising agency John St. have created a thought-provoking ad to show that cyberbullying isn’t funny.

Titled ‘Kids Read Mean Tweets’, the ad features a group of kids reading out hurtful messages by cyberbullies. A laugh track is played after each message, but eventually the laughter dies down.

“Watching celebrities read the mean things people say about them online is meant to be funny, but it’s a very different story when it happens to kids,” wrote the organization. “And unfortunately, over 50% of adolescents have admitted to being a victim of cyberbullying. So we made a video to remind the world that cyberbullying is no joke.”

The organization has also created an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for media to help get their video seen by more people. You can find out more about it here.

Click to watch the ad below:

[via Adweek and Indiegogo]