19 March 2015

Light And Dark: Brilliant Film Shows Line-Drawn Characters Fighting For Power

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London-based studio Animade has created “Chronemics”, a short film commissioned for French and German TV channel Arte.

The film is based on the notion of light and darkness fighting for dominance in a world of contrasts. Light and Dark are seen to be two characters in constant conflict and reluctant co-existence. The film is set in a tense atmosphere and it questions the meaning of one without the other, concluding with the fact that the stronger the light, the darker the shadow.

The animation and its line-drawn, textured feel was created using Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. The simplicity of the design allows the animators to focus on expressing emotion through subtle movements and gestures.

Watch the brilliant film below.

Chronemics from Animade on Vimeo.

[via Creative Boom]