17 March 2015

Limited Edition ‘Field Notes’ With Unique Covers Made With Vintage Wood Type

The handy “Field Notes” notebooks, created by respected American designer Aaron Draplin, are popular with the creative crowd not only for their functionality, but also as collector’s items.

In collaboration with the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum and French Paper Co., the brand has released the 26th COLORS limited edition collection, named “Two Rivers”, which features thousands of beautiful covers that have been made with vintage wood type—even more cover variations are produced due to the nature of wood type, letterpress printing and “the music playing in the print shop during the 200+ hours on press”.

By mashing up several hand-set designs, four different paper stocks and two random colors, the creators of this lovely project have produced a run of unique notebooks that would certainly delight Field Notes fans.

When you purchase a 3-pack of the “Two Rivers” collection, US$2 would be donated to the museum—you can also choose to add an extra donation at check-out, which would go directly to supporting the museum.

You can check out more images of the “Two Rivers” notebooks, and make a purchase, here.

[via Under Consideration, images via Field Notes]