2 March 2015

Lingerie Brand Stages Underwear Runway Show In The London Underground

UK lingerie brand Bluebella, who previously showed us the ‘perfect’ bodies of men and women, recently made the news again for staging an underwear runway show in the London Underground.

Held on 25 February 2015, the show featured sexy models clad in the brand’s latest Spring/Summer collection, parading down the newly re-opened Tottenham Court Road subway platform.

According to Bluebella founder Emily Blendell, the Tube was chosen to perk up people’s morning commute.

“Bluebella is all about confidence and enjoyment and we thought it would cheer up a few commuters on their way to work to watch a catwalk show with gorgeous models,” said Bendell to the Daily Mail.

In a humorous display of British reserve, the publication noted that the majority of the passengers pretended not to notice the scantily-clad beauties in their midst.

Check out more photographs here.

[via Daily Mail, images via Bluebella]