18 March 2015

LOL: Cinderella and Belle Fight It Out In A Disney Princess Rap Battle

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Who do you think would win, if Disney Princesses Cinderella and Belle challenge each other to a rap battle?

This hilarious idea comes from comedic actor Whitney Avalon, who has created a YouTube series of rap battles between various pop culture characters, including Galadriel of Lord of the Rings, Princess Leia of Star Wars, Snow White and Elsa among others.

In this amusing video we see Whitney Avalon and actress Sarah Michelle Gellar as Belle and Cinderella, engaged in a war of words about who is the better princess.

They go back and forth, listing down their own merits and calling the other out on their shortcomings. At one point, Belle even hilariously calls Cinderella a gold-digger and flashes her Academy awards.

Watch the full rap battle below, and see the other rap battles here.

[via YouTube]