6 March 2015

LOL: Pairings Of Uncannily Similar Images Of Rappers And Medieval Artworks

Henry VIII and Rick Ross

Creative director Cecilia Azcarate created a Tumblr that hilariously juxtaposes images of famous rap musicians with subjects in Renaissance artworks.

Azcarate works on her site B4 XVI, or beforesixteen, for up to four hours a day, looking through museum websites and checking the social media feeds of rappers.

The uncanny resemblance is made more noticeable with similar bling, fur coats and attitude. Azcarate sees the similarities between the Renaissance period and today, with art playing an important role in a fast changing world.

Head over to her website to see more.

Christ Blessing surrounded by a Donor Family. Unknown German Painter 1560 and Kanye West

Jan van Eyck. Ghent Altarpiece and The ATL Twins

The Adoration of the Magi by Hugo van der Goes and Wiz Khalifa

A. Durer Praying hands (removed from background), 1508 and Drake 6 artwork 2014/2015

Jupiter and Kanye West

[via Esquire, Sploid]