13 March 2015

Nendo Designs ‘Hello Kitty’-Themed T-Shirts For Men

Art Kitty, Mondrian-inspired print featuring blocks in Hello Kitty’s primary colors.

Japanese design studio Nendo has produced a line of Hello Kitty-themed t-shirts for men.

The t-shirts were created to make the character more palatable for a male audience, and also for a collaboration with men’s lifestyle magazine Pen.

A total of eight designs were created for the collection, using graphic elements to stimulate the left brain, playing down on the cuteness that the original Hello Kitty character has.

For example, the ‘Math Kitty’ t-shit features mathematical numbers and formulas to spell out the words “Hello Kitty”, and the infinity symbol used to represent the hair bow.

If you are a man, would you wear these Hello Kitty t-shits?

Scroll down, and head over here to see more of the other designs.

Math Kitty, infinity symbol used to represent Hello Kitty’s hair bow.

Radiograph Kitty, X-ray of Hello Kitty’s skeleton.

Dictionary Kitty, the definition of hello and kitty, highlighted with yellow for her nose, and pink for the shape of her bow.

Close-up view of Dictionary Kitty

Biology Kitty, Hello Kitty’s face made from insects.

Physics Kitty, a reference for Hello Kitty’s height.

[via Dezeen, Nendo]