4 March 2015

Photo Of Weasel Riding On Woodpecker’s Back Whips The Internet Into A Frenzy

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Whipping the internet into a frenzy is the above photo of a weasel riding on the back of a green woodpecker.

Essex-based Martin Le-May caught the sight as he was taking a stroll with his wife at the Hornchurch Country Park in east London.

He said the woodpecker’s distressed squawking got his attention and realized that a weasel was attacking it.

The photo of the unusual occurrence has since gone viral in mainstream media and on social networks.

Le-May told BBC News, “I’m so proud so many people are getting to see my image. I’m totally taken aback by the response to it.”

Check out the following video where BBC presenter and wildlife expert Lucy Cooke explains why the sight was particularly unusual:

[via PetaPixel, images via Martin Le-May]