12 March 2015

Photographer Transforms Models Into Fun GIFs That Tell Stories In Seconds

“They are like magic that we can’t put our finger on,” said photographer Elle Muliarchyk.

The New York-based creative has a fondness for GIFs.

She wrote, “My theory is that our brains run on GIFs. We remember and dream in GIFs. Think of a special moment in your past, like your first kiss. How do you visualize it? I bet it’s not a static image like a perfect photo in a frame. Most likely it’s a movement on a loop. Same with our dreams—we don’t watch uninterrupted feature films in our sleep—they are fragmented videos that focus on an emotion and movement.”

So she decided to marry her work as a fashion industry digital media artist and her love for GIFs in her latest project, titled ‘GIF Go-Sees’.

In the ongoing series, Muliarchyk uses models to depict stories.

For example, one of the GIFs featured Malaika Firth—the first black model to appear in a Prada campaign in 20 years—kissing a frog, which draws parallels with the Frog Princess being the first black Disney Princess.

She said, “GIFs channel raw human emotion better than words or images. Often they are even more effective than face-to-face communication.”

Check out some of the fascinating GIFs below and head on over here for more.

[via BuzzFeed, images via Elle Muliarchyk]