3 March 2015

Photographer Turns His Infant Son Into A Pint-Sized Stunt-Loving Daredevil

Seattle-based photographer Brandon Hill turns his adorable infant son Maddex into a pint-sized daredevil in his on-going series ‘Madd Stunts.’

With the help of Photoshop, Hill creates incredibly fun pictures featuring little Maddex riding on a scooter, soaring across the sky and balancing on the edge of his playpen. To imbue the images with adrenaline, he shoots from certain angles and vantage points.

When the photographer first started his series, Maddex was too young to walk and had to be guided into position by Hill’s assistant. Now that his son is older, he makes playful facial expressions while remaining in place.

Through his project, Hill celebrates the joy of childhood by imagining a whimsical future for Maddex, and fantasizing about who he will become when he grows up.

Check out some pictures below and view the series here.

[via Feature Shoot, images via Brandon Hill]