12 March 2015

Photos Of The Meals People Preparing For Doomsday Would Eat In An Apocalypse

Photographer Henry Hargreaves, known for his various projects centered around food, has unveiled ‘Ready For Dinner!’, his latest series featuring the meals people preparing for Doomsday would eat in the event of an apocalypse.

It is estimated that three million people in the US stockpile food as a precautionary measure in case the world ever comes to an end.

Inspiration for his series came about after Hargreaves met the producer for a National Geographic television program called Doomsday Preppers, who put him in touch with some of the individuals featured in the show.

According to the photographer, their food choices were influenced by their religious beliefs, lifestyles, health, location, and items they thought would increase their chances of survival during Armageddon.

“Initially I expected this to be a rather sensational series but as I spoke to some of the subjects I actually was surprised by the brilliance in their approach,” wrote Hargreaves in his project description.

He interviewed the preppers and created and photographed their meals, juxtaposing them with images of their respective menus.

The meals included natural choices like canned and freeze dried goods and ramen, alongside more unusual ones like insects and rabbits. Each picture was also accompanied by their personal reasons for how the apocalypse would happen, such as a volcano or a food system failure.

Check out some photographs below and view the rest of the project at his website.

[via PetaPixel, images via Henry Hargreaves]