26 March 2015

Sarah Silverman’s Rape Prevention Tips Have Angered Some Men

Actress-comedian Sarah Silverman’s recent tweet has some men up in arms.

She retweeted an image detailing ‘10 Rape Prevention Tips’, which appears to originate from a blog post dated a couple of years ago.

The list turns the spotlight on perpetrators instead of the conventional focus that seems to imply victims also have a part to play for rape to happen.

However, some men were offended by the apparently ‘sexist’ tips, failing to take into account its satirical nature.

Nevertheless, many others lauded the refreshing take on sexual assault and violence.

Quartz wrote: “We will never reduce sexual violence if perpetrators are allowed to hide behind language that implicitly or explicitly blames victims. The simple fact underlined by the list Silverman tweeted is that rape is a choice—one that the rapist makes.”

Check out the original tweet and its ensuing reactions here.

These are great- send to all the men in ur life RT @texpatriate 10 Rape Prevention Tips. @lizzwinstead http://ift.tt/1CM2N67

— Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman) March 21, 2015

[via Distractify, images via Sarah Silverman]