16 March 2015

‘Sex And The City’ Characters Brilliantly Reimagined As Disney Characters

Belle as Charlotte, Beast as Harry, Lumiere as Anthony

Cosmopolitan has commissioned illustrator Isaiah Stephens to reimagine the characters of Sex and the City as Disney characters.

Although Isaiah confessed that he doesn’t know much about the show, he was able to brilliantly portray Miranda as Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Samantha as Jasmine, and Charlotte as Belle.

He even drew their husbands and lovers as princes, and comically added other characters that made up the films into the illustrations.

For instance, Charlotte’s friend Anthony Marentino was depicted as Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast.

Head over here to see more of Isaiah’s works.

Ariel as Miranda, Eric as Steve

Jasmine as Samantha, Aladdin as Smith Jerrod

Cinderella as Carrie, Prince Charming as Mr. Big, Gus Gus as Standford

[via Cosmopolitan, Isaiah Stephens]