10 March 2015

Simple Recipe Shows You How To Make Awesome Nuggets Of ‘Deep Fried Sriracha’

Food blogger Amy Erickson of Oh, Bite It!—known for her ingenious deep fried snacks—is back with a new awesome creation.

This time, Amy deep fries the popular Sriracha hot sauce, into sweet and spicy nuggets of goodness.

To make the snack, she used a box of cornbread mix, egg, vegetable oil and Sriracha, along with a blue cheese for dipping.

She described the deep fried Sriracha as “a beautiful combination of slightly spicy, nutty, sweet tender, crispy, cornbread bites of serious, succulent, Sriracha goodness!” on her blog post, where you can find the simple recipe.

Would you try making this deep fried snack?

[via Oh, Bite It!]