2 March 2015

Simple Things That You Can Do To Fall Asleep Faster

Image: Lee Baxter

If you are having trouble with falling asleep at night, you may be relieved to know that your problem is not unique—“approximately 60 million Americans report having experienced insomnia in any given year, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke”—and that it can be remedied.

Huffington Post recently published an article in its “Healthy Living” section that highlights “9 ways to fall asleep faster”, with none of these tips requiring you to count sheep.

All of these steps to falling asleep more easily are simple things that you can practise without having to make major changes to your life, including taking a warm bath or shower and just putting on socks.

Read the entire article here—do you have any personal tips that help you fall asleep more quickly?

[via Huffington Post]