26 March 2015

The Fascinating Story Behind Overly Dramatic B-Grade Movie Artworks

According to graphic designer Graham Humphreys, B-movie posters have "no shame, coyness, or embarrassment", they are free of censorship or dignity and demand to be seen. Humphreys has worked on UK campaigns for B-movies Basket Case, The Evil Dead and A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Website Creative Bloq takes a look at the ethos and art behind B-movie posters. The wild imagination and subsequent exaggeration is obvious. Humphreys comments, "If something needs to be big, make it massive. If it's violent, hose it in blood. If it's sexual, add necrophilia."

B-movie artworks are usually the first description of the movie, giving a taste of the story along with introducing something that usually doesn't fit, to evoke curiosity.

Read more about B-movie artwork here.

[via Creative Bloq]