18 March 2015

The Most Expensive Apple Watch Is Diamond-Studded, Costs US$115,000

If the regular Apple Watch is not luxurious enough for you, Brikk is offering a diamond-studded, 18-karat gold customized version of the much anticipated smartwatch.

The ‘Lux Watch Omni’ comes in pink gold and platinum as well, and is available in both 38mm and 42mm sizes—it costs a whopping US$114,995.

The company also offers a less pricey range called the ‘Lux Watch Deluxe’, which is plated in yellow gold, pink gold or platinum, and features a diamond-studded crown, watch face and band.

Brikk told Mashable that they will be using the Apple Watch with the stainless steel case and link bracelet band for all its customizations. The company has effectively turned the Apple device, which originally retails for US$1,000, into the “world’s most expensive” smartwatch ever created.

You can pre-order the Lux Watch Omni for US$10,000 here—delivery is scheduled at four to six weeks after the Apple Watch hits stores.

[via Mashable, Brikk]